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About Us

Tangible ways to make the world a better place.


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The ways to get involved: How can people get involved in your cause, other than donating money? Can they volunteer their time, spread the word about your cause, or donate goods?


How we work

We are providing a comprehensive art and inspiration workshop to under privileged children to raise their confidence and fulfil their potential. We run world-class wellbeing and mentoring programmes designed to support vulnerable adult to be actively part of their community


Who we are

Together Sense is an independent registered charity in England and wales( 1135563) identifying, creating and sustaining potential of disadvantaged children in the United Kingdom and around the world. Together Sense is committed to fulfil disadvantaged chidren potential and provide opportunity and hope to vulnerable adult in United kingdom and around the world


How we help

we use the money to help those who are in need, we avoid the problem of famine, we do humanitarian and medical aid all that by going to remote areas and others.

Every donation makes a difference

Your donation will help us provide essential services to those in need. Every dollar counts.

Your donation will make a difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. Thank you for your generosity.

Your donation is an investment in the future. It will help us create a better world for everyone.

Your donation will help us provide food to a family in need. Thank you for helping to feed the hungry.

Hanna Smith

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Your donation is a lifeline for many people